75 Unique Photo Booth Pose Ideas, Not Just for Weddings!

Posted on Jul 23, 2015 in All Articles, Photo Booth Articles

fun photo booth poses

It’s finally the moment! You step into the photo booth to create a strip of photo memories that you plan to treasure and show off to everyone right afterwards. You leap into the booth and suddenly you are like a deer in headlights; unable to think up the perfect photo booth poses… leaving only a series of mouth gaping, eyes closed, awkward as a teenager on a first date… shouting RETAKE!! Don’t worry – we have you covered! Here is a list of inspirations to assemble the perfect photo booth pose photos.

Couples in love

  • Surprised Kiss
  • Smooch – Pucker up and give each other a big smooch.
  • Pick Her Up – If the booth allows it, pick the bride up!
  • Pulling His Tie – Girl leads the guy with his tie in a playful tease
  • Fishing Pole Reeling – You just caught yourself a treasure!
  • Create a Heart – Use a hand from the man and a hand from the woman to create a heart shape between you.
  • Blow Kisses – And even catch them as well.
  • Wink – And the other look flattered.
  • Proposal Reenactment – Bring back the memories of popping the big question.

For the Ladies

  • Charlies Angels – Guns up and out with backs together.
  • Supermodel Shoot – Pretend you’re on the cover of vogue and strike a sexy pose.
  • Kiss the Bride – Make a bride sandwich, each lady kissing the bride’s cheek

For the Gents

  • Show off the Guns – Flex your muscles and welcome folks to the gun show.
  • Fake Fight – Act out a punch scene.
  • Group High Five
  • Too Cool – Fold your arms, and be too cool for school.
  • Head 2 Head – Pretend you’re boxers squaring off head to head.
  • Salute – always a classic

All by Yourself

  • Same Pose for All Pictures – Yup, just make the same exact face for each take!
  • Slow Motion Across Screen – Move past the screen one shot at a time as if running in slow motion.
  • Four Corners – For each of the four shots put your head in a different corner of the screen.
  • The Stairs – Angle from top corner to the opposite bottom corner, or vice versa to make it look like you’re walking up stairs.
  • The Elevator – Move vertically up or down slowly over each shot.
  • Looking Through the Peep Hole – Fill up the whole screen with your face as if you’re trying to look through an a peep hole.
  • Blowing in the Wind – Pretend you’re being blown away by strong winds!
  • Can you hear me now? – You’re too busy to be interrupted by photos because you’re talking on your cell phone cannot put it on hold.

Dance Move Reenactments

  • Napolean Dynamite Dance Move
  • The Macarana
  • Gagnam Style
  • Harlem Shake
  • The Robot
  • Disco Fever
  • Chicken Dance

Miscellaneous Poses

  • Drop a Grenade – First shot, hold the grenade in your hand, second shot, drop it and look surprised, third and fourth react to the explosion!
  • The Heisman Football Pose
  • YMCA – If you have four people, do the popular Village People YMCA symbol, or if you’re by yourself do a letter for each of the four pictures.
  • The Clark Kent – open up your button down just like Clark Kent changing to Superman
  • Live Long and Prosper – Pretend you’re Spock from Star Trek and give the live long and prosper hand sign.
  • Head Bangin – Pretend you’re at a rock concert, bang your head and throw up the rock sign devil horns.

Get Creative

  • Hashtag Writing – Get a chalkboard, or piece of paper and share your hashtag for the event, or a silly comical made up one!
  • Find Someone Random – someone you don’t know and take a photo session. Best part is you made a new friend!

Pose Emotions!

  • Happy
  • Ecstatic
  • Content
  • Sad
  • Embarrassed
  • Nervous
  • Angry
  • Devious
  • Bored
  • Annoyed
  • Surprised
  • Tongue Out
  • Tired
  • Exhausted
  • Disgusted
  • Are you kidding me?
  • Grumpy
  • Proud
  • Cute
  • Snob
  • Brat
  • Evil
  • Sour
  • Excited
  • Scared
  • Studly
  • Tough
  • Stoic
  • Intense
  • Goofy
  • Serious
  • Thinking
  • Duck Lips
  • Confused

There you go! A whole list of unique and creative photo booth pose ideas that will ignite your photo booth fun!




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