Photo Booths Near Me Are Making a Comeback!

Posted on Feb 5, 2017 in All Articles, Event Articles and Ideas, Featured Articles, Photo Booth Articles, Weddings and Party Articles

One may think the modern incantations of the old-fashioned photo booth would not even exist in an age of Snapchat and Instagram. Why pay for a photo booth to capture your event fun, when you can filter, fade and tilt-shift your pics for free with your phone and post them to the world? And yet we see a growth of popularity of these entertaining services with no sight in end. Weddings and events everywhere are making them one of the main staples and even using them in creative ways to go beyond just a camera in a box.

The History of the Photomatron – Booth Beginnings

The automated selfie-taker has been around almost a century and was embraced from the get-go. An entrepreneurial Russian immigrant to New York named Anatol Josepho launched the first photo machine on Broadway in 1925, and 280,000 people used it during its first six months. Josepho sold the contraption and its design rights for a million dollars two years later and continued to make royalties on sales of the Photomaton, as he called it.

Photo booths near me are elegant and stylish forms of wedding entertainment.

Photo Kiosks and Booths Today

While film photography went the way of the VCR and the cassette tape, photo booths endured and advanced in abilities. From 2005 to 2012, Google Trends shows more people searched online for photo booth rentals than for wedding DJs. Go to a wedding inspiration sites like the wedding area of Pinterest or search Instagram on wedding ideas, and you will see photo booths of all types and looks.
Many of these are using professional DSLR cameras and photographer style lighting. Some use iPads instead of cameras, and some forgo the booth entirely for an open air photo booth with a backdrop. From classic arcade styles to modern kiosk works of art, this machine of fun is still making its place in events across the country and still growing in popularity.

What’s new in the world of photo booths?

At Shining Star Photo Booth, we offer many unique and creative options and alternatives to the old school classic photo booth cabinet. Our Enchanted Photo Gazebo brings a stylish and elegant look (no boxy tents!) to your event while still offering the photo fun. Our Allure Digital Kiosk offers digital photo entertainment with boomerang videos, animated GIFs, Augmented Reality features, and Snapchat style filter digital props. All of which can be emailed, sent to guest phones, and posted to social media. We offer a very unique service in which our staff becomes the booth, strolling your event and bringing the photo fun to your guests for an experience unlike any other. You have to hear more about this trendy take on photo booths in your area. Shining Star even offers stylized photos with vintage looks, color-toned 80s shots, and black and white glamor pictures just like you may have seen from the Kardashian wedding! Looking for keepsakes beyond the photo strips? Check out the vintage photo viewscopes and photo keychains; just two of our favorite takeaways.

What people should look for if they want to rent a photo booth for a wedding, birthday or bar mitzvah?

First, they should figure out their budget and pricing. There are all kinds of photo booth companies out there today. They range in quality a great deal. Some are plywood boxes built in someone’s garage, which they offer on a part-time hobby business basis. Others are elegant, stylish, and professionally crafted pieces of equipment using only the best gear. When it comes to photo booths, it is critical that you know what you are getting. In addition to the quality of the photo booth itself, you want to ask about the pose props and what is included. Some companies try to save money by using lower end, cheap accessories that look worn and unflattering. Others use high-end event quality photo booth props that your guests will find very appealing and rave about the quality. Lastly, ask about the end to end experience, how many photos are provided to guests, and what hidden charges may be encountered. Some photo booth companies tout low prices upfront only to charge you all types of fees once you book them. To know you will not be left stranded on the big day of your wedding or event, make sure to choose a full-time event professional and not a part-time photo booth company that cannot provide you the focus and dedication you deserve.

Any tips on getting a great photo pose?

The trick is just to be yourself. Let the fun flow and have a good time. Pick props you like, or go all natural. The choice is yours. The best part about the event and wedding photo booth pictures is they are organic and not retouched. You have captured the real you. The fun you. The smiling and laughing you. You see yourself in the authentic in-the-moment feel, and that’s why people love them.