Photo booth rentals from the eyes of a wedding guest!

Posted on Mar 5, 2017 in All Articles, Featured Articles, Photo Booth Articles, Weddings and Party Articles

Photo Booths are an in-demand service for weddings and events, not only in the York, Lancaster, and Gettysburg area, but all of the US is seeing massive demand for photo booth rental services. One of the most frequent questions asked when planning out photo fun and often searched for remains is there a photo booth rental near me. You may be asking what all the buzz is about. We have the perfect article to jump right into that!

Experiencing our photo booth services through the eyes of a typical wedding…

Lancaster photo booth rental near me for my wedding reception

The days of wedding cake smashing and the Electric slide being the highlight of wedding receptions are long gone. Stating that wedding receptions have been taken to a new level of entertainment and fun would be an understatement. We live in an era of celebrating marriage with candy and cupcake buffets, doughnut walls, food trucks, candied bacon stations, gourmet coffee bars, dances of all styles to current hits and most important of all – the wedding photo booth.

There are professional photographers and a small army of guests with smartphone cameras capturing the events of the evening, but that’s somehow still not enough. It is not engaging on a personal level with your guests, nor memorable. It lacks style and excitement.

Cue the photo booth – the old fashioned retro hit mixed into modern photo technology that can be rented for a budget-friendly rate. If a bride and groom want insight into their guest’s real personalities, as well as the effects of an open bar, this trendy photo invention is the answer. It captures the fun in a way like no other.

Imagine it… Around 6 p.m. guests begin to arrive at the reception, stylishly dressed, having just witnessed the new union formed by their loved ones. A few spotted the booth and question what is that? Younger folks, up to date with popular wedding trends, immediately recognize the photo booth and sprint over wanting to be first to kick off the selfie fun. This is just the beginning of the fun, and the photo booth will be seeing these folks again when they come back for more photo booth sessions documenting their night of energized entertainment – on the dance floor and off.

“We didn’t know there were all these fun photo booth props, can we go in?” ask a few girls in desperation to be next for photos. Sombreros, colorful scarves, crazy glasses and Uncle Sam hats, Batman masks, giant-sized mustaches, sparkly feather boas, tiaras, crowns, and even dinosaur claws (calling all Bridezillas!) are set out for use. The dilemma for the girls is which props will be the funniest and most flattering at the same time. “We have to be crazy, yet we want to look good!” one person chimes while others try on the photo booth props. “Oh, for the last one, we all are back to back Charlies Angels style!” The photo booth session starts, and the girls have a blast seeing themselves on the screen. The laughter is contagious among the reception room. More and more people flock to the photo booth to enjoy the high energy, smile making, super photo fun.

As more and more people get their photo strips, the words BEST. TIME. EVER! This photo booth service ROCKS! is mentioned over and over.

Grandma and Grandpa giggle in shyness at the fiasco of their grandchildren wrapping hot pink boas around their necks and coercing them to make silly faces. “Don’t I need to put a quarter in somewhere?” asks Grandpa. All dolled up in crazed attire, they smile and laugh with the family as the camera captures the moments of a lifetime. The printed photo strips are handed out, and folks know they have a priceless moment captured for them to cherish. I bet those photo strips are still displayed on the refrigerators, bulletin boards, and photo collages!

photo booth photo strip scrap book and wedding favors for my wedding

Not only do the wedding guests take home a keepsake photo strip of their good times, but the bride and groom also get a collection of all of the photos. There is a photobooth guestbook filled with the photo booth pictures and best wishes and comments from the guests. Pages packed with smiling faces wearing fun photo booth props and written expressions of joy fill the photo scrapbook.

As the night continues and the guests enjoy the open bar flowing with good liquors, the more creative the photo booth poses become. Even the most reserved guests cut loose and feel the contagious excitement of the photo booth service.

A group of five groomsmen comes running over, craft beers in hand, excitedly eyeing the Batman mask, groomsmen sign, and all the photo booth props.

The groomsmen joyfully fill out the scrapbook with pride, leaving witty quips and comments next to their photo strip affixed to the photo booth scrapbook page. They were scribbling along the page expressing how delicious the beer was and how their buddies new wife will never compare to their bromance.

Wedding guests flow in and out of the photo booth for the rest of the evening. Many of them coming through over and over with more pose ideas and a growing stack of photo strips they will be taking home with them. So many photos, so many smiles!

By the last song of the night, the guestbook for the bride and groom is full of photos and signed with notes and scribbles of love and happiness, a cherished keepsake for years to come. Our photo booth services providing another amazing experience!