Hashtag Your Wedding 101

Posted on Jan 16, 2015 in All Articles, Event Articles and Ideas, Weddings and Party Articles

Creating a successful hashtag for your wedding


Using a wedding hashtag

Starting in the 1980s, brides used disposable cameras on reception tables to allow guests to take wedding photos during the festivities. While this idea is still a popular one, the method of capturing moments has changed. Gone are the days of buying cameras and developing film; these days, advances in camera technology in smart phones have made snapping creative and candid photos easier than ever.

One such advancement, Instagram, is a photography app that allows iPhone and Android users to share photos using comments and hashtags (What is a hashtag?). This app offers a world of photo sharing that can add a fun aspect to your wedding memories. By creating a hashtag unique to your wedding, you will be able to see the events of your big day through the photos of your guests. For example, a couple named Jennifer and Steve getting married in 2015 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania might use the hashtag #JenandSteveLancaster15 to denote their wedding. You can be as unique as you want to be with it!

It is almost guaranteed that many people will have their phones out taking photos, and this allows you easy and immediate access to see them. Instead of waiting weeks for the professional photos, Instagram will allow you to search for your photos as soon as the event is over. But don’t limit yourself to only using Instagram. Many other social media sites now use tagging as well. Twitter allows you to use hashtags to see the tweets people write, and Facebook has just implemented them as well. There are even services that will harvest the photos for you form all the social media sites and bundle them into one view and sometimes even a downloadable album.

The simplest way to spread the word about your hashtag is to create table cards that guests will see, or even place instructions on your wedding invites. Sometimes it’s fun to use the hashtag all along the journey up to the big day – such as shopping for decorations, visiting venues and more. Briefly explain the process and provide them with the hashtag you choose. Other ways to get folk staging is to include displaying a sign with your hashtag on it at the bar, and having your MC or DJ announce it several times. If you have a photo booth, by all means print it on the photo strips!

A few guidelines to make your wedding social media hashtags AWESOME:

Make your hashtag unique and personal: In order to stand out among the clutter, try to make your hashtag something unique and personal to you. Plus, a one-of-a-kind hashtag ensures that you and your guests will be viewing only photos from your big day and not someone else’s photos.

Keep it short and simple: You want your guests to actually use the hashtag, so keep it simple enough to remember and spell correctly. If you have a long and difficultly spelled name, consider tweaking it. One of our past clients understood that their last name, Parnokiakowski, would be difficult for guests to spell, so they went with #theParnos2014.

Avoid punctuation and symbols: Remember – Hashtags on Twitter and Instagram should contain only letters and numbers. So although #Steph&Tom14 might look cute, the ampersand (&) will break up the hashtag so it cuts off after #Steph. Use just letters and numbers.

Spread the word: We recommend including your hashtag on all materials related to your wedding, beginning with your save the date mailers. More places you might not have considered: napkins, place settings, coasters, and signage throughout the reception area. Signage for your hashtag is critical if you want guests to tag their photos. Putting signs with the hashtag at the bar, on table cards and in the bathroom doesn’t clutter the wedding but instead gives people gentle reminders to tag and share the fun.

Shining Star Photo Booth folks are experts at the social media and hashtag game. We not only can help you create a successful hashtag plan, we can also bring a wealth of services that make it fun and captures the memories for a lifetime. For example, we can setup a hashtag print station where guests can take a photo, hashtag it, and it prints out right at the event for them to keep as a memory, or to leave for you as a tangible keepsake for your wedding album! We have so many ways to make it fun.

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