How to host a Luau Party that with have your guests doing the hula!

Posted on Dec 18, 2015 in All Articles, Event Articles and Ideas, Photo Booth Articles, Weddings and Party Articles

Love Summer? Love the beach? Like pineapples, hula dancers and Hawaii? A Luau theme party can bring the sunshine inside for a fun theme everyone will enjoy!


Luau party ideasYour guests will be energized with the fun of everything beaches and Hawaiian! It’s a great theme for any event, not only in the York, Harrisburg, and Lancaster areas, but everywhere!

You can’t have a luau without leis, grass skirts, and coconuts either! Having these party items for your guests right at the entrance to the party, or on the tables, will ensure that your guests are in the Hawaiian mood for your luau party right from the start.

And one of the most entertaining aspects of a luau party?  A Photo Booth! Have guests pose for photos in a photo booth with fun luau props such as tiki statues, floral leis, coconuts, and more! A photo booth can be themed so nicely for luaus. At Shining Star Photo Booth, we have an entire theme package for luaus.

Luau Party Invitations

Introduce the theme with your invitations by featuring a “message in a bottle”, or a flora lei and hula dancer image, or Tiki torch design. Make sure to include:

  • Date
  • Time
  • Location
  • Expected
  • Dress
  • What to bring
  • RSVP information


Luau Party Decorations Ideas

When your guests arrive to the venue you want to make sure your guests know they’re in the right place. Having a luau themed party sign, tiki bar arrows, and a bamboo and grass doorway can be a great way for guests to know they are in the right spot. Transform your venue into a Tiki Island by using themed decorations that come in kits that make it easy to transform the entire space quickly and cost effectively. They make all types of inflatable luau items such as palm trees, tiki statues, and more.
You could even cover your walls in bamboo design paper and create a “waterfall” in one corner using dark and light blue fabrics. Having a fan aimed up at the fabric can create a moving water type of effect.

Add a grass skirt to your tables, or transform them into Tiki huts. String tropical lights all throughout your party space, or make your room look like you’re partying on the beaches.

There are inflatable palm tree coolers, so even your drinks tables match the theme!

Coconuts make a great centerpiece!

Shining Star Photo Booth can also add colored lighting to quickly decorate, add color, and illuminate your space creating a luau theme feel. Colored atmospheric lighting is a wonderful way to transform your venue!

Luau Party Activities and Games

The group activities that can be done at a Luau make it the perfect option for a large party! You can accommodate a large number of guests or scale them down for a smaller more intimate party. Some of the best luau activities and games are:

  • The limbo. Everyone knows it, and it really jazzes up the party!
  • Play the ukulele along with karaoke
  • Bowling with pineapples or coconuts

Luau Theme Party Food

Food at a luau is traditionally based on food that can be found on islands and focused on group sharing. You want to make sure that you have food for those that may be sensitive to pork and seafood. Some great food ideas are:

  • Pig roast – yep, the outdoor smoker with the pig with an apple in its mouth. A Classic!
  • Steamed shrimp
  • Sushi
  • Chicken skewers or kabobs
  • Rice bowls
  • Grilled pineapple slices

Here is a great resource for luau inspired dishes:

Luaus generate a fun and colorful atmosphere. Your guests will love it, and the energy will be contagious!
Don’t forget the photo booth! The memorable keepsake photo strips will be the hit of the evening.

Contact Shining Star Photo Booth at 717-435-7682 or visit us at to learn more about how we can bring a total luau entertainment package (photo booth, lighting, décor, and music – we even have catering resources to assist with food) to your event!  We make it easy!