Photo booths rental for any budget

Posted on Dec 15, 2015 in All Articles, Featured Articles, Photo Booth Articles, Weddings and Party Articles

It seems like every time a fun new trend hits weddings, someone is already declaring it “over.” The photo booth rental is one of those trends that has not only remained one of the most in demand services, but has also evolved into a wedding mainstay; it’s gone from a fun novelty to a common inclusion at most weddings. What makes photo booths so much fun not only at weddings, but any event? Here are a few aspects that have photo booths igniting your event with fun:

Photo Booths are a good source of entertainment.

Having a few activities besides dancing at your reception is a good way to make sure all your guests have fun. Sometimes people just want a break from busting a move, and the photo booth provides a nice escape. It’s also a good place for people to gather and socialize.

It creates a wedding keepsake — for you and your guests.

Forget the monogrammed tin of mints, or the other things that end up in your guest’s junk drawers at home; a lot of guests will appreciate having a photo of themselves with their friends, their kids, or their date. These photos end up proudly displayed on refrigerators and mantles of homes all across the country. But these wedding favors also reward you as well! You will love having fun pictures of your wedding guests. Many photo booth companies also offer an optional scrapbook where guests can leave best wishes along with a copy of their photo. If you think of it like a modern guest book as well, a photo booth can fit into any budget as it provides entertainment, wedding favors, and a fun guestbook!

It is unique for your guests.

Your guests don’t spend hours looking at online wedding inspiration. While your also-engaged maid of honor might think photo booths have become a wedding cliche, that’s probably because she’s got wedding planning (and attending!) fatigue. But your older relatives and guests who don’t attend many weddings will find the photo booths rental totally delightful and fun.

Every photo booth event is tailored to your theme.

The vibe at every wedding is so different, thanks to everything from the time of day and the venue to how strong the bartender is mixing drinks. That means every photo booth will be different too. From the backdrop to the custom designed photo strips and pose prop collection, these elements can be tailored to fit your theme and really be a strong overall addition to the look and feel of your big day.
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