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Ways to Avoid Wedding Gift Theft at your Reception

Posted on Dec 23, 2014 in All Articles, Weddings and Party Articles

Avoiding Wedding Gift Theft…   It is your big day! Smiles are glowing, music is playing, and the food is divine! The last thing on your mind should have to be theft of wedding gifts, but unfortunately a growing tactic by thieves is to target wedding receptions. Be it as wedding crashers, or impersonated vendor staff, and sometimes even vendor staff themselves, gift theft is on the rise. Even in our quaint and quiet areas of York, Harrisburg and Lancaster, Pennsylvania Recent statistics place 1 in every 10 weddings suffering a theft of some type. What can you you do?  There are a...

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Hanover teacher says ‘yes’ to wedding proposal

Posted on Jun 5, 2014 in Local Area Articles

Jaron Starner surprised Amanda Hillery-Mills at an award ceremony with a plaque reading ‘Will you marry me?’ Already emotional from watching her sixth-grade students receive end-of-the-year awards, Amanda Hillery-Mills couldn’t hold back the tears as she watched her boyfriend take the Hanover Middle School stage. As she walked toward Jaron Starner, her boyfriend of four years, he talked about her dedication to the school, her growth over the past year and, finally, how much he loved her. When she reached the stage and he bent down on one knee, she realized this was much...

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Hanover wedding couple moves Gettysburg wedding after government shutdown

Posted on Oct 4, 2013 in All Articles, Local Area Articles

Government shutdown caused Jodi Little and Michael Markle of Hanover to change their venue from the Gettysburg amphitheater to a family member’s backyard.

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