Ways to Avoid Wedding Gift Theft at your Reception

Posted on Dec 23, 2014 in All Articles, Weddings and Party Articles

Avoiding Wedding Gift Theft…


It is your big day! Smiles are glowing, music is playing, and the food is divine! The last thing on your mind should have to be theft of wedding gifts, but unfortunately a growing tactic by thieves is to target wedding receptions. Be it as wedding crashers, or impersonated vendor staff, and sometimes even vendor staff themselves, gift theft is on the rise. Even in our quaint and quiet areas of York, Harrisburg and Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Recent statistics place 1 in every 10 weddings suffering a theft of some type.

What can you you do?  There are a few strategies that you can employ when planning your reception…

  • Create an online registry and have the presents sent directly to your house (or another family member’s house, like your mom’s). The best way to ensure nothing is stolen is to spread the word that you’d prefer presents mailed to your residence rather than brought to the reception.
  • Place your gift table far from an exit to make it more difficult for anyone who’s trying to steal your presents, or…
  • Forgo having a gift table all together. Instead, visit each table during the reception so that guests have the opportunity to hand you envelopes of cash or checks — but only if they wish to do so. You should never ask for cash.
  • If you spot a wedding crasher, don’t be polite and ignore them. Ask your day-of coordinator or an attendant to ask the crasher to leave.
  • Ask a trustworthy friend to act as gift attendant. Ask him to store the gifts in a secure place (like a locked room) rather than displaying them in the open.
  • If your reception is large (over 300 people) and the site is in a high-traffic area (like in any urban setting), consider hiring security, both to prevent theft and to quash any other rowdiness that might transpire.
  • Think about buying wedding insurance. Coverage from a company like WedSafe will cover stolen gifts as long as it’s reported right away.