Why You Need A Photo Booth Rental At Your Wedding

Posted on Apr 5, 2019 in All Articles, Photo Booth Articles, Weddings and Party Articles

A wedding is a once in a lifetime event, which means you should do everything possible to make it a fantastic fun-filled day for everyone. One way that you can do this is to get a photo booth rental since we are in the age of selfies and Instagram. Everyone loves taking photos of themselves on nights out with friends or at parties. A wedding is the ultimate party, and a photo booth is a perfect addition that everyone will be talking about months later. So, in this article, we will cover great reasons why you should rent a photo booth and how it can provide an excellent experience for your family and guests as well as a few tips to consider when renting one.

bride posing in a wedding photo booth at her Lancaster wedding
Bride and her tribe. They love the photo booth!

Entertains Your Guests

If you’ve been to one wedding, you’ve been to them all, and it can be challenging to keep your guests entertained. However, with a photo booth, you can keep everyone entertained all day and night long. There are usually long queues to get into most of these booths and everyone who comes out of them, is smiling and highly entertained.

It’s Nostalgic

Next, when you take photos in a wedding photo booth, you will immediately get them in prints. This is highly nostalgic since printed photos are a relic of the past and most people have their photos in digital form in their smartphones or cameras.


This leads us into our next point where these photos are great wedding favors that all of your guests can keep with them forever. Instead of giving out traditional favors such as a candle, box of almonds etc, you can give each guest a personal photo that they’ll cherish for years. You can even give them a small photo album or an empty key ring where they can put the photos in.

Themed Photos

Next, if you are having a particularly themed wedding, then the photos in the photo booth can be coordinated with your theme. This can be anything from a beach wedding, winter, vintage etc. Also, you can theme the various props that people use in the photo booth. This is an extremely fun factor where your guests can create their own looks.

Great For Everyone

Photo booths are not only good for adults but for kids of all ages. This makes it a great way to share your day with everyone and create memories with your younger guests.

High-Quality Photos

If you’re worried that the photos from the photo booth will be low quality, then don’t worry since they have since evolved. Many photo booth rentals use the best studio cameras and equipment to create HD pictures that are extremely clear and detailed. These pictures are so clear that they can be enlarged to create prints you can display in your home or office.

Bond With Your Guests

Lastly, a photo booth can help you to bond with your friends and family on your big day. It can also help your guests to get to know each other and have fun memories together.

Factors To Consider When Looking For A Photo Booth Rental

Now that you see all the benefits of having a photo booth rental at your wedding, you are probably ready to book one. However, not all photo booths are made equal, and there are a couple of things for you to consider. Firstly, you should find out if there are any props included with the photo booth and have a look at the quality of these props. You should also find out if the company can provide specific types or themed props to go with your wedding theme.

Next, you need to check out the aesthetic of the photo booth and whether it will be a good fit for your wedding. Also, most of these booths are quite large, so you need to make sure there is enough space for it at your venue. The cost of the photo booth rental is another consideration, and you should find out about the different packages available and which one fits into your budget.


In summary, if you want to have an amazing wedding that stands out, then you absolutely need a photo booth. So, be sure to take your time to find the best rental company possible and work with them to personalize the booth so that it is the perfect fit and will create memories that you’ll treasure for your entire life.

Now break out that wedding planner and put wedding photo booth rental in big bold letters for your next “to do” item.